About Us

A movement by rural Albertans, for ALL Albertans

This movement was founded on the strong desire of rural consumers to ensure cost-effective utility rates for today and years to come. We are advocates of choice in Alberta’s utility system and believe maintaining local control of utility services is fundamental to protecting the interests of all Alberta consumers - rural and urban.

Our Beliefs

  • Co-operatives bring value beyond dollars and cents while offering a democratic way for rural Albertans to maintain control of an essential service.

  • We believe in the value co-operatives bring to the rural marketplace and do not want to see the efforts of the volunteers who built and continue to strengthen the rural utility framework in Alberta to fall into the hands of multinational power corporations who did not want to invest in rural Alberta when we needed them.

  • REAs are valuable contributors to Alberta’s electric utility framework and those contributions can be leveraged to sustain cost effective and environmentally responsible utility systems that Albertans expect and have experienced for 70 years.

  • Operating as cooperatives, with not for profit principles, annually REAs leave millions of dollars of savings in member’s hands.

Why We Launched the Campaign

  • Regulatory practices provide large multinational corporations unfair advantages such as the ability to purchase REAs at no cost to them or their stockholders. In fact, they receive an annual guaranteed ‘rate of return’ from the government to cover part of the purchase and the balance of the cost is then approved as a rate increase to the multinational’s Alberta customers. Is it fair that Albertans, through rate increases, pay multinational power corporations to acquire perfectly viable REAs? Is this what the government intended or is this simply a loophole that multinationals are using to fund their growth at the expense of Albertans?

  • If REAs cease to exist, there is a potential for a power utility monopoly in rural Alberta. We see this as contravening the province’s electricity de-regulation policies.

  • The Stop the Power Monopoly movement believes in the heritage of rural Alberta and the hard work of those who built the lines to serve rural Alberta. We also believe in the future of REAs and want to stand-up for the hard earned right for REAs to offer service to Albertans for decades to come.

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