Keep Competition

Multinationals are trying to stomp out local competition.

  • Who will keep large multinational power corporations honest if cooperative rural power providers - Rural Electrification Associations (REAs) - are not around? REAs play an integral role in developing rural Alberta’s economy by building and maintaining hundreds of millions of dollars in utility infrastructure. Operating as electrical co-operatives, REAs leverage the power of the individual members to create economies of scale.

  • If REAs cease to exist there will be no choice for your electrical distribution services and a monopoly will be given to a big for-profit multinational power corporation. In your experience, how does a monopoly work to protect the interests of consumers, the general public?

  • If the government has relied on REAs to determine the true cost of electrical distribution because they operate as cooperative, who will take on that role should REAs disappear? Without the REA rate benchmark, which direction do you think your rates will go?

  • Albertans deserve choice. In fact, a fundamental right in a competitive environment is the power of consumers to choose - without an REA to deliver electrical distribution services what choice will rural consumers have?