Keep Costs Low

Multinationals are trying to create a monopoly so they can send more profits to their foreign stockholders!

  • Rural Electrification Associations (REAs) have benchmarked electrical distribution rates in Alberta for the past 70 years. Why can’t multinational corporations say that - because they are a for-profit operation! REAs provide the benchmark for rates because they are not-for-profit co-operatives and do not generate profits for stockholders.

  • The Government of Alberta is reviewing the electrical utility industry and key legislation that governs how the utility industry functions. It is imperative that REAs are acknowledged for their ability to benchmark the actual cost of electricity delivery through their not for profit co-operative business model.

  • We want co-operative REAs to be considered positively, for government to understand the value of co-operation and for government to reflect on what Alberta would look like without REAs.

  • There is so much more power to offer, REAs leverage the co-operative business model to deliver even more value to Alberta’s utility framework. REAs can generate ongoing value for the future of Alberta’s utility industry while keeping rates low for consumers.