Keep Customer Service Standards

A Big Power Monopoly would mean less personalized customer service and more time waiting on hold.

  • Rural Electrification Associations (REAs) operate on a co-operative business model. This means our consumers are members of a co-operative that was built by rural Albertans who understand the needs of rural Albertans.

  • Operating as electrical co-operatives, REAs leverage the power of the individual members to create economies of scale. Annually, REAs demonstrate their distribution costs save members millions of dollars. In 2016, two REAs saved members almost $16 million.

  • REAs provide service to like-minded individuals through personalized member service. Best of all, when you call customer service real people answer.

  • The REAs relationship with members is a lot like ‘neighbours helping neighbours’. Offices are located in rural communities and decisions are made locally by people who live in rural Alberta; not outsiders in big city corporate offices located in eastern Canada.

  • Members of one REA recently ranked their REA at a 95% member satisfaction rating.

  • REAs deliver safe, reliable and regulated service 24/7/365. One REA has achieved a 99.1% reliability rating from its membership.